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How to Effectively Communicate with Top Executives

Our Founder Honoured on Management Today’s 35 Under 35 List

How to Build a Strong Professional Relationship with Your Executive

The Vital Role of Investing in Your Growth as a Personal or Executive Assistant

Let's cut to the chase, what's the one common downfall we've encountered

The PA Diaries: 5 Minutes with Chief of Staff Zoe Hill

Meet Zoe Hill, Chief of Staff at Arcade Media.
Jess | Editor In Chief

A Review Of: Pied-à-Terre, Covent Garden

Pied-à-Terre is Covent Garden’s stand out fine dining favourite and London's longest standing Michelin Star restaurant, offering luxurious dining, including award-winning tasting menus, with
Daisy Cochrane

The Indispensable Role of PAs: Why Every Executive Needs One

In response to the recent article published by Glamour Magazine describing the role of a charity PA as a'lazy girl' job, this article delves
Jess | Editor In Chief

The PA Diaries: 5 Minutes with Personal Assistant Jemma Beggs

Meet Jemma Beggs, PA at global insurance business Legal and General.
Jess | Editor In Chief

Interview: Jessica Gardiner, CEO at The Assistant Room

Ever met our Founder and CEO Jess Gardiner? Interviewed by Billy Hussein, Founder of Notion Magazine and The Promising Creative they deep dive into
Jess | Editor In Chief

PA Diaries: 5 Minutes with Executive Assistant Emily Jepson

Meet Emily Jepson, EA to CEO and Founder at GWI, a leading audience targeting company.
Jess | Editor In Chief

A Review of The Great Northern Hotel, King’s Cross

Jess | Editor In Chief

How To Start 2023 As The Best Version Of Yourself

Instead of getting caught up in the hype of how to transform into something or someone completely different (wave goodbye to the self inflicted
Jess | Editor In Chief

How To Switch Off During The Festive Break

Many of us look forward to the festive break and all that comes along with it; the socializing, parties, spending time with family and
The Assistant Room Ambassador