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We are the world’s first all-in-one professional development platform dedicated to advancing the careers of Business Support Professionals globally. We produce a wide range of bespoke L&D and support resources for individuals to access anywhere at any time creating dramatic improvements in employee engagement, retention, productivity and profitability through our podcast, membership and award winning industry events.

Our Journey

Taking you from burnt out and under-appreciated to thriving and celebrated as a PA / EA

How it Started

The Assistant Room opened up in 2016

Our founder Jess Gardiner created The Assistant Room in 2016 when she stepped away from her career as an EA after 10 years. She was burnt out, demotivated, emotionally exhausted and felt at a loss as to where her career would take her next.

Membership open

A space where you’re recognised and celebrated

You’re here because you’re fed up of people saying ‘you’re just a PA’. You don’t have to feel lonely or unsupported in your role anymore. There is a community waiting for you to join.

Connect. Learn. Succeed.

Personal and business support that makes the impossible possible

You probably think of your job as a lifestyle choice, supporting Execs. We know you need a place to go for support to make the impossible possible across both settings…. and here it is! The Assistant Room.

Meet our team

Jess Gardiner

CEO – Founder

Tamara Rudd

Brand Assistant

Meet our ambassadors


EA at GE HealthCare


EA at Intuit


EA at Spotify


Private EA


EA at Hewlett Packard


EA at Blackrock

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