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Our concierge handles the time-consuming tasks of organising events. We can secure bookings at otherwise fully-booked establishments and co-ordinate corporate events for up to 2000 people.

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Access a dynamic, 24/7 global community via mobile or desktop. You’ll benefit from unbiased, confidential advice in a safe space, anytime and anywhere.

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We offer bespoke learning and development opportunities, both online and in-person, tailored to the specific needs and requests of our members. Dive into over 50+ hours of past event recordings with on-demand access.

Build your network at live events

Connect, mingle, and learn over cocktails and canapés with industry experts at our signature live events, as well as interactive online sessions from top-tier speakers, such as Olympic athletes and leadership coaches with fresh perspectives.

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Enjoy exclusive discounts up to 20% off with top brands. Save on both personal and professional expenses, directly benefiting your bottom line.

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Access our comprehensive collection of professionally formatted templates and documents designed to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency.

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As an assistant, strategic problem solving is required on a daily basis. Learn how to think strategically as a Business Support Professional and learn the techniques you can put in place to make every decision the right decision when problem solving.


Knowing how to set and maintain your boundaries at work is crucial to leading a successful and happy career on your own terms. Learn how to develop healthy boundaries at work combining confidence and clear communication for maximum effect.


As an assistant, you need to have the confidence to stand up and be heard. Learn how to develop your skills in public speaking to help your confidence soar in meetings, interviews and at public events.


Licenses are £34.99 per person per month.

Yes. If you active 20+ annual licenses there will be a 10% group discount applied.

We do not restrict numbers of licenses that can be purchased. If you need 1000+, not a problem.

Yes, we have members in over 15 countries who benefit from the entire membership and regularly access all aspects of the platform successfully.

An annual membership is our recommendation for all corporate businesses.

Yes. Your account manager can easily manage all memberships on one central database. Licenses can be cancelled and reallocated to new members at any time at no additional cost. 

Your account manager will receive an exclusive web link to activate all licenses OR they can upload a CSV file with individual member details for auto sign up. It takes less than 5 minutes to register all members.

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