Luxury Meal Plan Boxes for Busy Assistants Anywhere and Everywhere

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Whether you’re isolating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe you’re struggling to maintain healthy eating habits or perhaps like many busy assistants, you just can’t find the time to shop, prep, cook AND clean up on top of your regular routine, have no fear because the solution is easier than you think.

In 2020 – 2021 the innovation of lifestyle and wellness brands took a turn for the better meaning that regardless of your schedule or even just your passion for staying fit and healthy, we all now have access to quick and easy options for not just nutritional but delicious, fresh options ready in 10 minutes or less. What’s not to like?!

To get you started and your tastebuds predicting the future of your meal times, we’ve put together our top meal prep boxes suitable for everyone.


On a personal note, Potage has been a favourite of mine since their inception in 2012. I first encountered the brand when taking a lunch time stroll in Mayfair and was handed a small tester pot of what I can only remember as being the most delicious apple sauce I had ever and still have ever tasted. From then on, I was a devoted Potage fan.

Offering two box options – either a seasonal box created for you by the Potage team or a ‘build your own box’, Potage promises seasonal, lovingly handmade and balanced food ready from frozen in 10 minutes. With zero food waste and from just £6 per portion (and free delivery), Potage produces everything from a classic fish pie packed full of smoked haddock, salmon and seasonal white fish, wild venison pie slow cooked with red wine and mushrooms to a vegan shepherds pie with broccoli and spinach mash.

Looking for a solution for new parents who need easy meal options? Maybe a colleague, your Executive, friends or family are at home unwell or unable to leave the house temporarily? Do you want to send an unusual congratulations, a welcome home package or something ‘useful’ in comparison to the normal flowers or hampers? Head to the gift section on the Potage website to see how they can do more than just be visible in your kitchen, but the kitchens of your friends and family too.

Buy from Potage here

Lions Prep

Loved by British celebrities including Simon Pegg, footballer Declan Rudd and Made In Chelsea’s heart throb Harvey Armstrong, Lions Prep builds your meal delivery box according to your diet, allergies, proteins, numbers of meals required and snacks too.

100% fresh, quality meals, ready in 3 minutes (these guys deliver to your fridge and not your freezer!), Lions Prep offer eco-friendly options from just £3.75 per meal. With beautiful packaging both inside and out and meal options suited to every dietary requirement including vegan and gluten free, we’re pretty certain Lions Prep will be making its way to our fridge sooner rather than later.

Buy from Lions Prep here

Daylesford Organic

Again another firm favourite amongst the 3 options we’ve bestowed upon you in this round up and we’re pretty certain you’ll agree with us when you see the options on offer from award winning organic food provider Daylesford Organic.

Their easy, convenient, nutritionist-approved meal plans have been designed to support the foundations of wellbeing. Available as 3 or 7 day meal plans to target your inner and outer glow, gut balance or positive mood and mind, the carefully selected bundles include their organic real meals, made by hand in small batches, along with hydrating drinks and microbiome-friendly ferments to be consumed for breakfast and lunch.

For evening meals, their expert team of nutritionists have chosen simple recipes featuring wholesome, seasonal ingredients to prepare at home. Throw in some high-dose supplements and nourishing snacks for an extra boost and you have a meal plan box not only suitable for you but also for any last minute guests that need a ‘restaurant at home’ style supper.

Buy from Daylesford Organic here