Our Founder Honoured on Management Today’s 35 Under 35 List

Tamara Rudd

We are beyond thrilled to share some exciting news with our community! Jess, the dynamic Founder and Managing Director of The Assistant Room, has been honoured on Management Today’s highly coveted 35 Under 35 list. This prestigious accolade recognises the UK’s leading young business talents and marks a significant milestone in Jess’s remarkable career journey.

From EA to Empowering Leader

In 2016, after spending a decade working as an Executive Assistant to high-profile CEOs, Jess saw a critical gap in the support and resources available to business support professionals. Driven by her passion for empowering this vibrant community, she launched The Assistant Room. Since then, Jess has single-handedly grown the company from a startup into a global powerhouse, achieving tremendous success and recognition for providing industry-leading resources and opportunities.

Our Global Impact and Prestigious Collaborations

Under Jess’s visionary leadership, The Assistant Room has formed collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Legal and General, CBRE, Knight Frank, and more. These partnerships reflect the significant impact and reach of The Assistant Room, solidifying our status as a leader in the industry.

Impressive Milestones

We’re proud to share some key statistics that highlight our journey:

  • Over 1,000 PAs/EAs empowered
  • Support extended to more than 50 countries
  • Over 100 corporate enrollments

Introducing The Assistant Room Professional Membership

Our professional membership is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of business support professionals. Members gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including expert-led webinars, bespoke career advice, and a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. Our commitment to fostering growth and excellence has earned us a reputation as a leading resource within the industry. For more information on the professional membership, click here.

About Jess

Jess’s journey from an EA to an influential business leader is a testament to her dedication, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her inclusion in Management Today’s 35 Under 35 list recognises her outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the business support sector. Jess continues to inspire and lead with a commitment to innovation and excellence, making a lasting impact on the industry and empowering others to achieve their professional goals.

Join us in celebrating Jess’s incredible journey and the ongoing success of The Assistant Room. We’re excited to continue supporting and empowering business support professionals around the world, guided by Jess’s inspiring leadership. To connect with Jess directly please email us here.

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