A Review of: Sabine, St Pauls London

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It’s official, we no longer have to pretend we know how to put together a decent margarita at home…thank god! Our first stop on our London cocktail hit list since the re-opening of Londons hospitality industry? The St. Pauls based botanical rooftop bar that gives every other watering hole in the city a run for its money – Sabine.


Located on the 7th floor of the Leonardo Royal Hotel at 10 Godliman St, what makes Sabine truly unique is its close proximity to St Pauls Cathedral. If you’re looking for the WOW factor, sipping cocktails and tucking into small plates on a rooftop bar with a close up view (almost touching distance) of St Pauls is the epitome of city life and the reason that London has been hailed as world’s ‘city of choice’ in a recent quality of life report.


With a private entrance and lift, Sabine is an accessible secret rooftop garden available for everyone to enjoy. Luxe furniture and fabrics inside and out are accessorised with hanging plants and greenery, creating a city fairytale vibe that looks even more beautiful during the evening. A fully glass roof ceiling provides plenty of light and a clear view of the sky above and natural woods and soft furnishings in jewel greens and blues bring a sophisticated feel to the interior. A stunning venue throughout.

Food and Drink

Cocktails at Sabine change seasonally but all retain a botanical theme in keeping with the overall feel of the venue. Each cocktail, from the expert mind of head bartender Davide Valvano (ex MNKY HSE and The Curtain Hotel), creates the perfect Insta-worthy moment each presented beautifully with unique flare. Our current favourite? We worked our way through three Midnight Margaritas each which would again be our tipple of choice during our next visit.

It’s not only cocktails that Sabine is famous for though, they also boast an extensive choice of premium spirits, including over 13 types of gin, many from local London distilleries, and an extensive selection of wine and Champagne, with a range of beers and ciders also available. The perfect solution for large groups or corporate parties where there is always a strong list alcoholic of preferences from multiple individuals.

Similarly to the cocktail list, the menu at Sabine changes seasonally and covers bar bites to small and large plates. From burrata with white peach, pistachio and toast; and roast asparagus with boquerones, serrano ham and truffle mayo; through to larger plates of grilled Lebanese chicken flatbread with roast biber peppers, tamarind yoghurt and pickled red onions; and tandoori monkfish skewers with green mango salsa, hot pickled radishes and raita; there’s something to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Another recommendation from us? If you see the Shiraz Braised Short Ribs on the menu don’t even hesitate.

Burrata, charred peaches, pistachio pangratatto, sourdough toast
Roast asparagus bocarones, serrano ham, truffle mayo
Elderflower and lemon tart sherbert
Perfect for…

Pretty much anything and any occasion however if you’re looking for a place for your next private hire, Christmas gathering or general corporate event (however big or small), Sabine gets our full seal of approval.

Our final thoughts

The perfect re-introduction to London life post pandemic, there are many places you may want to go but Sabine is somewhere you need to go.

To book, visit the website here: https://www.sabinelondon.co.uk/