Colleagues Unite: Supporting and Raising the Profile of Our Black Colleagues

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Serving a clear purpose of bringing new representation and shining a light on minorities within the Personal and Executive Assistant industry, we will be introducing you to assistants around the world who face a daily battle to achieve equality through our D&I Campaign – Colleagues Unite.

In our first recorded session, our Founder Jessica Gardiner was joined by Hayley Cole, Executive Assistant at BlackRock and Josh Dublin, Personal Assistant working in healthcare to discuss how to support and raise the profile of our black colleagues.

We begin this recording as we ask Hayley and Josh how they have been feeling over the course of 2020 in light of the heavy focus on BLM and the impact it has had on them as individuals.

To show your support for Colleagues Unite and to promote diversity, inclusion and equality within your own networks, please feel free to use the below campaign assets across social media and let us know you stand with us.