Behind the Scenes: Working as an Assistant in Tech

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Do you want to know what it’s like to work as a Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant or Business Support Professional in one of the most fast paced industries in the world? Have you ever wondered what skills you need to make it as an Assistant at businesses like Facebook, Spotify and Salesforce?

Originally hosted on Tuesday 18th May 2021 to a live audience of over 200 individuals in over 10 countries, we sat down and discussed what’s like to be Personal Assistant in the technology industry with Business Support professionals from Facebook, Salesforce and Spotify.

Lead by The Assistant Room Founder and MD Jessica Gardiner, she spoke to the panel about:

  • What it takes to work successfully for businesses that never stop
  • How to support Execs that put innovation, creation and growth at the front of everything they do
  • The greatest challenges that as Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants, they have overcome

A highly engaging and exciting session on the realities of working in the technology industry. If you have ever considered becoming part of a technology business, this panel discussion contains all of the information you need to gain a deeper understanding of how to turn your career goals into reality.

With thanks to our panel Abigail Jones, award winning Executive Assistant and Admin Lead at Facebook Holly Beilby, Principal Executive Assistant to President & Chief Revenue Officer at Salesforce and Stuart Martin, Executive Assistant to VP at Spotify.