• Coordinating travel, whether it be a return trip to one destination or a multi leg global journey, travel organisation can be daunting and tricky task to handle especially if you are not particularly confident in what you are doing. Confusing airline websites, understanding time zones as complicated as a knotted ball of wool and the weeks long list of meetings your boss has asked you to arrange and fit into a day – it can all get a bit much sometimes and you are not alone!

    When travelling with your boss or even just preparing them to travel alone, what are your must have items that you would not leave your front door (or let them leave theirs) without? In this post I want to pass on my absolute must haves for all travel organisers in the hope of ridding the doom and gloom that sweeps over you when you hear the mention of the word ‘international’ and to make the task of organising travel however large or small an easy and enjoyable experience.

    Let’s get this ball rolling…


    My professional life has pretty much changed for the better (astronomically I might add) since discovering the app Tripcase. If you have not already heard of this programme, seriously check it out before organising and preparing anyone else for any future travel as you will be pretty much sold instantly.

    This app is a platform providing a means of creating multiple digital travel itineraries in the same place which sounds pretty basic but is a whole lot more than just a travel app. You may be thinking to yourself ‘Jess, this really isn’t anything to be that enthusiastic about’ but oh boy you would be wrong! Tripcase as detailed above is a platform whereby you can input and manage multiple travel itineraries from one central point – very handy when you have numerous trips on the go!

    You are treated to a number of super helpful options on the app to build each itinerary in full confidence that your boss will have everything they need prior to travelling. This includes the ability to send flight confirmations directly to the app via an email address which loads onto their specific itinerary, date and time of flight, airport, seat allocation – very handy for those in flight preferences! It will also give you a nudge when online check in is available and if any flight details such as gate changes occur making it easy to manage and keep on top of each trip individually.

    You will also be able to add other forms of transport, hotel confirmations and notes applicable to individual parts of the trip to alert your boss to specifics i.e. adding ground transport for airport collection, notes: driver will collect you in arrivals etc. Tripcase will also notify you of places to go relative to your location at the time, things to do also relative to your location at the time and even offers you the ability to order Uber on the main home screen.

    I have linked the website here in order for you to read in much greater detail about what this programme enables you to achieve as I could rave about everything it has to offer for years. I am big, BIG fan of this company and rely on Tripcase heavily and can gladly say that I have never been let down!


    When I first started booking travel I had no idea how stressful learning the ins and outs of VISA applications would be. The word VISA in itself is scary especially when you’re new to the process and under the pressure of your boss being stopped at airport arrivals as their documentation may be invalid! I blame the non-existence of my gap year being full of island hopping around Thailand… Thankfully I have come a long way since my rookie VISA days however due to the ever-changing VISA rules and regs and the differing requirements per country, it’s always good to have an expert on hand as even the most experienced of us can still get stumped sometimes! Queue CIBT Visas.

    I was first introduced to CIBT Visas by a lovely chap at the Flight Centre when I was hit with a last-minute Chinese VISA requirement a week before my bosses were required travel so to make a whopper of a deal successful. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end! After scratching my head (or pulling my hair out to be more precise) I was directed by Stefan from FC to CIBT and from then

    With detailed requirement sheets applicable per country to guide you through what you need for each application, a concierge service if you’re too bonkers busy to manage your VISA requests directly and round the clock support to address any queries or changes to VISA submissions, I have never experienced a more efficient and faultless service. I would highly recommend this company not only for newbies into the art of VISA organisation but also those of you are experienced in the process yet could sometimes require a little helping hand.

     Lot’s of love,

    Jess x


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