We all dream of being whisked away to our own version of paradise and as the summer months roll in, it is prime time to start looking into that last minute trip abroad or even postponing your plans in exchange for some much needed Winter sun. Yet it is not only us as Personal and Executive Assistants who are in need of some R&R, our Execs do too. As the gatekeepers to our bosses world, it is our job to guide and assist some of the most in demand people within the companies we work for. However, when you have a to do list as long as your arm, and a lunch break is difficult to squeeze in between meetings, board paper organisation and daily tasks, who do you turn to when the responsibility of organising a two week family holiday for your principle lands in your inbox? Or how do you even manage to organise a similar trip for yourself?!

It is always an amazing feeling when at The Assistant Room, we are able to introduce Personal and Executive Assistants to brands who have our full trust in minimising the stress and anxiety associated with travel organisation. Horror stories of travel gone wrong are not uncommon in our industry even if the issues encountered are ‘an act of god’, the onus falls on us to be prepared for every situation possible. Not particularly ideal when you get a call at 3am saying a flight has had to make an emergency landing two countries away from your bosses destination…

We teamed up with the wonderful Atlyn, Head of Marketing at Caribtours and Donovan Donaldson from the Jamaican Tourist board, for a beautiful breakfast in Fitzrovia with a group of PAs who organise travel extensively, to deep dive into the tailor made luxury service that Caribtours have so perfectly curated.

Going the extra mile is at the core of the Caribtours ethos. With a bespoke approach to travel to almost every area of the world, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Indian Ocean, USA, South Africa and Costa Rica they are more than just a go-to when booking flights and hotels. With an incredible amount of knowledge specific to every area they work in, they are able to organise travel down to the finest detail. Need a restaurant recommendation? They have eaten everywhere. Need someone to assist with wedding planning on the coast of Mexico or on the sandy beaches of Barbados? No problem! With our Execs taking time away from their desks, it is only impeccable service that will suffice and with Caribtours, everyone is a VIP.

With an incredible introduction to the Caribtours brand from Atlyn, discussing everything from their ability to hold specific seats on planes before tickets have been released with the added extra of private lounge access and VIP fast tracking through security (for those Execs with very particular requirements) through to fulfilling even the wildest briefs to make your trip that little bit more special, the baton was passed to Donovan from the Jamaican Tourist Board.

From the music of Bob Marley and the Bond novels of Ian Fleming to the record-breaking exploits of Usain Bolt, the island of Jamaica has produced some of the most defining cultural and sporting icons of our time. Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and effervescent culture, Jamaica is more than just somewhere to position yourself horizontal for two weeks and offers the opportunity to make memories which will last a lifetime. You may even find yourself delaying that flight home…

With magnificent natural beauty and a compellingly carefree yet feisty spirit, the north coast of the island provides an endless list of adventures for you to indulge in. Channelling your inner Lara Croft/Indiana Jones, you can visit coffee plantations, explore thick rain forest, swim in the beautiful Dunn’s River Falls and explore the verdant peaks of the Blue Mountains.

If golf is a key component to any keen traveller, the north coast of the island is blessed with three PGA courses complemented by stunning ocean views, something even a novice golfer couldn’t turn down. And let’s not forget the opportunity to sample the islands cuisine –  smoked marlin, scorching jerk chicken, fresh lobster and the most succulent shrimp all washed down with a traditional rum cocktail. In Jamaica, you will find some of the best al fresco dining you will ever experience and with a table by the edge of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, you can guarantee a meal you will never forget. I can hear you booking your flights already!

In energetic Ocho Rios you can swim with dolphins, take an aerial rainforest canopy ride, bobsled down Mystic Mountain or kayak through the 300-acre hidden paradise of the White River Valley. The more bohemian Negril will treat you to Jamaica’s finest beach, quirky boutique hotels and spectacularly daring displays from the local cliff divers. If you head east to Port Antonio, you’ll discover an altogether slower pace of life, a region of beautiful, unspoilt scenery that has somehow remained off the beaten tourist track. Sleepy fishing villages and friendly, laid back locals take you back to a time before tourism; this is the place to relax, explore and discover the real Jamaica.

As you can expect, the ability to plan a once in a lifetime trip is completely possible with these two incredible companies working hand in hand to extend the ultimate luxury relative to every budget. We all have those Execs who require a well deserved break and when the responsibility falls to us to go above and beyond, it is companies such as Caribtours and people like Donovan from the Jamaican Tourist Board who allow us to make that happen. With an amazing morning spent with two sensational people and a group of PAs who became more energetic and excited at the prospect of exploring Jamaica, I know who I will be calling on when I plan a trip to the Caribbean next.

For more information on Caribtours and to discuss your travel requirements, please visit there website here.