• Oh good GOD it’s been too long! Seventy four days to be precise…a hiatus taken for one pretty darn good reason and that was to launch www.mappihour.com! Whooppee! Hurray! High five! Who am I kidding? Blood, sweat and tears have gone into the past two months and I didn’t realise how little time I would have to eat/sleep/socialise (even though it’s a happy hour website??) when Liam and I poured our existence into the site. Nothing comes easy right?

    What better way to get back into the swing of things than to give you guys a little tour around one of my favourite Mayfair crash pads and lunch spots after spending an afternoon with the wonderful Adam from the Mayfair Hotel.

    Stylish, contemporary, the ying to every models hotel yang when it comes to choice of bed location during London Fashion Week, The Mayfair Hotel has been known to Londoners since it’s opening in 1927 with the likes of King George V and Queen Mary as first visiting guests. Pretty impressive ey! It now sets itself apart from the traditionally styled and stuffy interiors of those venues within a two-mile radius hosting a similar calibre of guest and it really does tick every box when you extend your list of requirements regardless of how simple or outlandish they may be. If you’re looking for modern luxury then this place is a total no brainer.


    With over 400 rooms in total consisting of superior rooms, deluxe rooms, studio suites, duplex suites and even the ability to have your own private wing, The Mayfair Hotel looks rather unassuming at first glance however once ushered in by the handsomely dressed doormen, the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ could not be more relevant.

    Naturally any hotel, and I think more so in London, is expected to have a busy if not over run lobby with guests coming and going at all hours of the day and The Mayfair is no different. What has always struck me however is the impressive ability and gracious nature of the staff in taking all of this well within their stride and managing the expectations of everyone who walks through their doors with absolute precision. The staff at The Mayfair Hotel are faultless and a complete credit to not only the hotel but to society as a whole.

    When visiting The Mayfair Hotel I doubt that you will be much different to me when it comes to appreciating the interior design of each space you walk into. Whether that is the lobby, the restaurant, the bar area, even the corridors are beautifully executed with an on point colour scheme throughout the building that creates a feeling of luxurious calm and serenity. Just what you need for a break, especially in the city! The pure genius behind the mammoth undertaking of pleasing guests tastes from all walks of life including royalty, is that of Mrs Singh, wife of the owner Mr Jasminder Singh. She can decorate my house any day!

    With beds in every room that have all been bounced on by yours truly, (that’s definitely not true…) I can tell you with absolute certainty that a good snooze is what you will get regardless of the noise decibels achieved by your snoring roomie.  A good sleep is always a sign of money well spent when it comes to a hotel stay and the entire setup of each room at The Mayfair, not only the marshmallow mattress and bedding, will leave you craving a revisit as soon as your in-room Nespresso machine has poured its last cup and your being whisked down to the lobby with your bags by concierge to check out and say your goodbyes on your last morning.

    GROUP 1

    Now as I introduced this post, I mentioned that not only is The Mayfair Hotel one of my favourite crash pads but also one of my favourite places to lunch. Seriously, if I could eat here every day I would…the chilli seabass is HEAVEN. On this particular visit we sat down on my visit to a selection of small plates including truffle spinach salad, chilli seabass, mozzarella, chicken risotto, bruschetta and lamb chops. Pair that all with a gorgeously fruity glass of house white and it really is a lunch that will leave you wanting more.

    Tip: definitely do not be fussy when it comes to the menu in the bar, always ask the chef to bring you a selection of what he/she would recommend and go with the flow. If you have a budget, make your waiter/waitress aware and they will be more than happy to make the best of your time with them menu wise!


    If it was up to me, I would be booking myself into The Mayfair on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, I am yet to win the lottery to place permanent residency in one of the best hotels I have been to in this part of town. Check the website out here and even if you’re only around for a cocktail, put this place on your go-to list to kick off any night out in London with a bang!

    Lot’s of love,

    Jess x


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