• When you think of quintessentially British brands, it will depend on the topic of conversation which determines the direction your mind wanders. Fashion? People? Landmarks? The reality of it is that regardless of the journey your chit chatting is taking you and your companions on, we all have our own idea of what defines the most sought after phrase by the brands we love the most.

    This particular article is going to wholly eliminate the mystery surrounding our quintessentially British brand in question which on this occasion happens to be the spectacular Dukes of London. A hotel nestled in the heart of the historic St. James, it is a sophisticated, charming, luxury establishment where you will arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. A friend that has to be torn away from just one more martini at the famous Dukes bar. A friend that has to be stopped from hiding beneath the table after devouring the expertly prepared food in the award-winning THIRTY SIX restaurant by Michelin Star Chef Nigel Mendham. A friend that has to try to tear themselves away from the Champagne Lounge in a building that has been awarded “AA London Hotel of the Year” and “England’s Leading Classic Hotel” at the World Travel Awards. You get the gist, this place is awesome beyond b belief.

    Ever since King Henry 8th built his palace in this part of London in the 16th Century, St. James has been the exclusive retreat of writers, musicians, politicians and royalty and with this kind of reputation on Dukes stomping ground, it continues to be a firm favourite of not only the locals but guests travelling from overseas wanting an authentic London experience with added luxury.

    On this particular occasion, it was the location of the first get together of the newly established Assistant Room team which I could not be more excited about in sharing with you. I will avoid making a fuss of them all here as that’s already been done in detail on our team page so check that out if you haven’t already!

    Back to business…indeed the night spent at Dukes Hotel was the first opportunity I had to assemble The Assistant Room team with all five of us settled nicely into the cosy dining room of Michelin Star chef Nigel Mendham over a glass of champagne and one or two more of exquisite wine. Hosted by the dashing Oscar Fricke and Robert Swoboda, we were thoroughly looked after throughout the entire evening and were treated to one hell of a menu. With Nigel’s cuisine quoted as ‘some of the best modern British food you will find in the region.’ it comes as no surprise that the secret of his excellence is the balance between classical flavours meticulously prepared and a contemporary flair to produce both stunning presentation and taste all reminiscent of the Dukes quintessentially British brand. It is a match made in heaven which could not be better executed if they tried.


    With an array of dietary requirements catered for and the wine flowing, we were all able to get to grips with the facilities at Dukes London beyond our initial experience at THIRTY SIX. What fascinated me more than most during the normal conversation when discussing hotel facilities, private dining room options and the many other services available was the offering of what Dukes refers to as a ‘Duchess Room’. A discreet service tailored to female business and leisure guests, women travelling alone, on business, or with friends who can expect a completely tailored service to meet their own specific needs including –

    • A female member of staff to escort ladies to their rooms and handle all room service and housekeeping requirements
    • A makeup mirror, hair dryer and accessories positioned at easy reach from the dressing table
    • Smaller size slippers!
    • Fresh flowers and a complimentary fruit bowl are available
    • A choice of glossy lifestyle magazines in the room
    • A quiet corner table allocated in the Dining room, should you wish to dine alone

    Providing such a service as the ‘Duchess Room’ facility shows just how much Dukes really will go to secure their spot in everyone’s minds as the best of British and really exemplifies their outstanding commitment to all of their guests. I could realistically write something triple the length of this article however the proof is really in the pudding so get yourself down to Dukes next time you’re in the St James area or book your boos/colleagues/friends in the next time a dinner date venue is required. You won’t regret it!

    Jess x


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