The first time I visited Mallorca I was about 4 years old, and I’ve returned a couple of times a year ever since, with family and friends, I have even lived and worked there, and yes, of course, this includes spending time in Magaluf!

The Island of Mallorca is my second home, from the second I step off the plane, I am home! Mallorca is an enchanted island part of the Balearic Islands, it’s vibrant and full of incredible things to do! It hosts the biggest marina of the Mediterranean Sea, the best-preserved medieval walls of any harbour city in Europe, white sandy beaches, great restaurants and hotels, a labyrinth-like city centre (Palma) and one of the most impressive cathedrals in all of Spain. Palma de Mallorca is often overlooked when considering a break, but you could easily spend a long weekend exploring the island’s capital.

One of my favourite places in Palma is Abaco, a hidden cocktail bar in the heart of Old Town Palma, the rooms are furnished with antique furniture that perfectly blend with the era of this insane mansion, surrounded by ceramics, tapestries, carpets, paintings, engravings and sculptures combined with the living presence of flowers, fruits and plants, achieving a surreal and mind blowing place to go for a cocktail. Pictures do not do it justice, you just have to go!Even though Mallorca is famous for the deep-blue water and incredible beaches, I truly believe that the centre of the island is as fascinating as its coasts. It’s authentic, quiet, clean and calm. Reaching the countryside is easy and as soon as you leave the city and head toward the centre of the island, where you will be quick to find yourself surrounded by gorgeous olive trees, almond orchards, vineyards and charming tucked away little towns with windmills, that have not been discovered by tourists yet. This is the best place to experience the traditional side of Mallorca.

There is nothing more I love than being on the beach and looking out to views of the mountains and the sea. Mallorca offers some unbelievable viewpoints from all over the island. You can travel to Mallorca spending very little, or you can travel and stay in some of the most luxurious resorts you could imagine. Mallorca has something for everyone, truly!As for cuisine, Mallorcan seafood is the way to go, but of course, you have to try Paella and Sangria at least once (twice or three times if you’re me). I am a huge fan of both the simple, traditional

Mallorcan food that you can taste at noon in one of the many restaurants you’ll see as well as the new, innovative, glamorous gourmet restaurants that have popped up in Mallorca, especially in Palma or Port Adriano.

Obviously, I know you’re all now dying to know about the party part of the island, Magaluf… if you’ve been, need I say more? If you haven’t, well then you should! Pool parties, boat parties, clubs, pedalos, you name it, it’s there. In Magaluf, you’ll find the world-famous Nikki Beach Resort, for the glitz and glam lifestyle by a pool with white sunbeds and copious amounts of prosecco. Maybe you’re a surfer, or want to try it, then you need to head to Sol WaveHouse, a hotel with a wave machine to learn or show off your skills. (Or join me on the side, eyeing up the chiselled bodies)! It’s great for a few nights/days out though, and you’ll definitely come back with some stories to tell, if you live to tell the tale that is (ha, I joke). As a destination to visit, what more could you want, you want madness you get it, you want tranquillity and chill, it’s there for you.

There really is so much to do, to explore and experience in Mallorca. With the flight only being a couple of hours long, there is no excuse not to visit this magnificent place. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. If I sum up all the weeks that I’ve spent in Mallorca either working or visiting, the total time easily amounts to the best times in my life. And trust me, I have had some extremely memorable experiences! (Read into that how you will)!

I am a wanderlust at heart, always have been and always will be, but Mallorca will always be my top destination, aside from my beloved London town of course!

I will be writing a few more travel reviews this summer, so I hope you’ll enjoy each and every one of them, be inspired and encouraged that there is a beautiful world full of love and light just waiting to be discovered by us!

Safe travels folks,

Alex x