• The world’s most famous party island is a point of pilgrimage for anyone into their dance
    music, thanks to legendary super clubs like Ushuaia, Pacha and Privelege (just to name a
    few). Ibiza has made a name for itself as being the clubbing capital, but this island has so
    much more to offer, and it’s clear to see that travellers are starting to experience the less
    party-animal lifestyle whilst there.

    From secluded sandy beaches to boho-chic and hippy markets, Ibiza has a very chilled side to it as well, so if you’re not looking to dance from dusk ‘til dawn, you really don’t have to! But I would recommend that if you haven’t been to a super club in Ibiza, you should, even if it’s just once.. do it, then do the relaxation part of your trip afterwards. (Lord knows you’ll need to)

    Before I was a blogger I had visited Ibiza and lived by the motto “Go hard or go home”, so
    this time, my trip to the island was about experiencing something very different (even though I did go to Ushuaia one night of course) But let’s be honest, no one needs to read a guide on “how to party in Ibiza with glow sticks and hot pants”, however, what you do need to read about is coming up now…

    When staying in Ibiza you must pick a killer hotel, Es Vivé is a stunning Art Deco hotel just
    moments from Playa Den Bossa and the Old Town, it has the perfect balance of affordability and luxury. Our spacious room had an amazing view of both the pool and the ocean! You can chill by the pool with a delicious freshly made fruit smoothie or even take part in a morning yoga class up in the sky garden. Es Vivé’s sky garden is a true little oasis that perfectly captures the spirit of Ibiza. If you’re looking for a place to call home while on the island, it’s Es Vivé.

    Nassau Beach Club is totally worth a visit, because nothing sums up Ibiza beach life more
    than lounging on a giant white sun lounger, bottles of champagne with sparklers poking out the top, whilst eating a tasty Paella and watching dancers in cut-out swimsuits on the
    podiums. Nassau has a brilliant afternoon playlist of soft house music, the vibe is fun and
    everyone is out to have a good time for a long time. So be sure to dress to impress down at Nassau.

    The ultimate chilled beach club must be El Chiringuito, for me this was perfect, I rocked up in my beach outfit (this does not include heels and head to toe glitter by the way) but a very family / couple orientated beach club. With large white sun beds and parasols overlooking the luscious blue sea, here you can just lay all day, with waiters bringing you fresh coconuts, padron peppers, and other delicious traditional Spanish food. The ultimate chill zone is created here, I would recommend spending a full day here, as I did, I actually didn’t want to leave, the ambience of the venue had such a comforting feel that made you just forget about everything other than being in that moment. What’s even better about a place like this is spending it with someone special.

    For the Dora Explorers out there, you should take a trip to the island of Formentera, a 40-
    minute boat ride from Ibiza, where the beaches are famous for their clear, Caribbean-blue
    waters. A truly Instagramable place to visit and eat the freshest of fresh sea food!
    Ibiza Old town, you HAVE to go here for dinner, wine and just general ponderings. The Old Town is beautiful, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (I know right) with over 2500 years of history that will be sure to tick all your Mediterranean holiday boxes. Why not peer down at the town, and the superyachts from the cathedral during sunset, then disappear into one of the many cobbled streets for tapas and sangria. Perfect night!

    I am trying to find the best point to watch a sunset from in every place I visit at the moment. So needless to say that’s exactly what I did on my last night in Ibiza at Es Vedra.
    Es Vedra is a mysterious and beautiful rock surrounded by myths and legends and is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet (after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle). It is considered to have positive healing and creatively inspiring energy. With only a few people around, it was truly magnificent, stunning in fact, the picture does not do it justice at all. The atmosphere was incredibly still, with the odd camera shutter going off (mine included) but other than that, it was the epitome of tranquillity.

    So whether you’re still a wild cat or a reformed chilled out beach goddess, Ibiza has
    something for you.
    It’s true what they say – “Wherever you go, that place becomes a part of you somehow”.

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