If you follow my travel posts, it will come as no surprise I love staying at a citizenM hotel! And for so many reasons…

Having explored and tested out the bed in London, the bar in Rotterdam and the shower in Amsterdam, it was time to put Paris to the test. I chose to stay at their location in Le Defense (Paris’ business district). However it was quite nice to be able to hide away in the late hours of an evening from the main city, and with the metro going from Le Defense to every tourist destination you need and want, it was totally a good choice. 

First of all, let me start by telling you how it feels when you walk into a citizenM, it’s like a home from home. (One important thing to note is they’re very colourful and stacked a few stories high are shelves of trinkets, memorabilia, books and ornaments all relevant to the location you’re in).


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I’ve never met such lovely, friendly and helpful citizens (staff). Even though it’s the first time you’re meeting them, it feels like a familiar face every time. How awesome is that?! They’re so willing to help you from the moment you walk in for check in to the moment you leave. 

The way a citizenM is set out is to reflect a style of living, in reception you will find your way to the kitchen area and the lounge, where you can legit kick back with a cuppa and watch anything you want on the TV (aslong as of course no one else beat you to it). There’s also a work station for the traveller who never stops working, various sofa pods to chill out on and copious amounts of refreshments available. 

What is really awesome is the way each location I’ve been to has settled in to it’s surroundings perfectly, and how the quotes and sayings (that citizenM is famous for around it’s hotels) suit where it is and who will be staying there. It’s the little things in life right? And those final touches that make it feel so homely and comforting. 

To understand what I mean, just read the soap….. 

When they say the bed is like laying on a cloud, it isn’t a lie. The gigantic bed is amazing, up against the wall length window, it allows you to lay in bed and look right out at the views around you, whilst controlling the lights, tv, blinds, and even the mood all from the iPad docked on the bedside table next to you. So if you’re like me, and love colour you’ll be able to shower under a pink light! (Of course if you’re not a fan of rainbow shower time, then just leave it on the normal settings haha).

In my opinion a citizenM hotel is the perfect place for a sleepover during a city break, they have all you need for those busy 2/3 days of dashing around a new city exploring and then needing a cosy abode to recharge your batteries in! 

Paris is one of my favourite cities in Europe, it’s full of things to do, places to see and restaurants to eat at. I’ve been quite a few times and it never gets boring, I love to wander aimlessly the Parisian streets, feel the vibe of the city, the buzz of everyone around you, the smells of French food cooking away and just get lost in the moment. Summer night’s in Paree, are up there in my top 5 spots! Have you been? Whether you have or haven’t you should take a look at citizenMs locations and choose to check one out this year! Where ever it might be. You’ll love it! 

I hope I’ve left you all wanting some citizenM loving! I thought it would be pretty boring to write down a list of places in Paris I went to, there are an abundance of blogs out there with hot spot tip offs and instagrammable locations on them for you, so I thought I’d suggest where to stay by sharing something a little different from this particular trip.

Traveling for me puts things into perspective. It allows me to realise that there are far bigger things in the world to explore, experience than the strains and struggles of work stress or problems. So I really do encourage you all to take a leaf from my book and get a weekend (or even a week) away somewhere, maybe in a month if you can.

Until next time,

Alex x


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