The assistant room live 2020

In 2020 The Assistant Room Live returns with the ultimate event series exclusively for the Personal and Executive Assistant industry. Situated in London across five key dates, you can enjoy an evening of growth and self love, mingling with top assistants over bubbles and food and sit in on thought provoking talks from TEDx speakers, psychologists, career gurus and award winning Executive Assistants. Take your professional knowledge and personal well-being to the next level and be part of the most empowering series of live events London has to offer.

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TRANSFORMATION & INNOVATION Date: Tuesday 24th March | Time: 5.30pm – 9pm | Location: London (venue TBC) 

Join us for an eye opening evening focusing on transformation and innovation and learn how to harness the power you have to succeed in ways you never thought possible. Break the mould on what is deemed ‘successful’ and begin on your own path of personal development to achieve your goals. Our agenda is as follows – 

5.30pm: Bubbles, wine, food and mingling!

6.30pm: Motivation session – speaker TBA

7pm: Life after your Exec! What? How? Why? – With guest speakers Leeanne Adu, award winning EA & Founder of Leave it with LAVA & Oona Hook, ex EA turned Chief Of Staff at luxury brand, design & e-commerce business Matter of Form.

8pm: ‘Explore Your Dark Side’ with Business Psychologist and Psychodynamic expert Danni Haig, Founder of DH Coaching 

The personality traits of narcissism, psychopathy and machiavellianism are often viewed with concern. but what if harnessing these traits could give you the edge to put you ahead in business?

Dannielle Haig is a business psychologist, business coach and psychodynamic therapist who runs her own consultancy, DH Coaching & Consulting, working with organisations and individuals to enhance careers, profitability, resilience, engagement, health and well being. Her research specialises on the dark side of personality and the impact that the dark triad (narcissism, psychopathy and machiavellianism) can have on organisations.

One outcome of her research was the high resilience found amongst dark triads, which led to the questions, “how are dark triads resilient and can we learn from them to build our own resilience?” 

LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION Date: Tuesday 19th May | Time: 5.30pm – 9pm | Location: London (venue TBC)

Join us for a thought provoking and informative session on leadership and communication. Let us help you focus on two key areas to propel your abilities in the work place and in your personal life and streamline your abilities to communicate effectively and draw your inner leader out into the world.

5.30pm: Bubbles, wine, food and mingling!

6.30pm: Motivation session – Sara Harris MBE

7pm: Communication and Leadership Engagement – With guest speakers Natalie Mayhew, Executive Business Partner and Founder of Admin Networking Events (ACE) at Google & Paula Gibson, Personal Assistant and Founder/Chair of JLT’s PA Network. 

8pm: Final guest speaker to be confirmed.

CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE Date: Tuesday 14th July | Time: 5.30pm – 9pm | Location: London (venue TBC) 

Join us for a fun and engaging event  as we learn how to build our confidence and embrace who we are as individuals. Learn how to stop self sabotaging your career and your personal life and join us in recognising your worth in ways you have never done so before! Our agenda for the evening will be as follows – 

5.30pm: Bubbles, wine, food and mingling!

6.30pm: 7 Steps to Easy Self Love – Theresa Fowler CEO The Thought Shifter 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the idea and pressure of making everyone around you happy? Do you always put others before you, wishing you had more time to spend on yourself but unsure how to make time in your busy schedule? In this session, Theresa will guide us through everyday tips and techniques you can use to increase the feeling of self love in your life.

7pm: Guest speaker to be confirmed.

8pm: Guest speaker to be confirmed.