Resilience for Ultimate Success


Go on a journey with endurance athlete and superwoman Laura Try as she describes her transition from ‘normal’ life to sailing the seas as a champion Atlantic rower.

Feel inspired, empowered and motivated to step out of your comfort zone and develop the ultimate resilience to make anything you put your mind to not just a success, but an overwhelming achievement as a top Personal/Executive Assistant.

Find out how Laura made highly strained relationships with her co-rowers work, how she pulled through the hardest times when all she wanted to do was give up and understand her shift in mindset and the resilience she had at sea to create the ultimate success as a champion endurance athlete.

About the Speaker

In 2015, endurance athlete Laura Try ditched her ‘old’ existence as a successful beauty salon owner and went on the hunt for life with more spirit and adventure.

Between then and now, she describes her journey as a rollercoaster ride and has completed two incredible challenges, rowing 1,800 miles around Great Britain in June 2017 which took 56 days and then rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean in December 2018 which took 43 days.

Length of video: 38 minutes | Cost: £14.99