Communicating with IMPACT


You are in a privileged position as an Executive PA.  You get so see, hear and experience what’s happening from the “shop floor” to the board room table.  You have some fantastic ideas about how to improve working practices.  But how can you put forward these ideas and make sure your Executive really listens?  How can you be sure s/he will take them on board and act on them?  How can you deliver your proposals, ideas and suggestions with IMPACT? 

At this fun and beneficial session you will learn how to put forward your suggestions and ideas taking into consideration

1) the 3 key elements of communication
2) the Power of Three and
3) applying the IMPACT model to your communication

About the Speaker
Lindsay Taylor is a former Executive PA and now Director of Your Excellency Limited.  Lindsay is an award winning author, coach and trainer and has 11 year’s experience as a learning and development specialist.  She is renowned for her fun, interactive sessions that provide practical, instantly-usable skills.