• Review: The White Haus, London Farringdon

    Set in London’s bustling Farringdon, you would be surprised to find anything but your standard pub full with city workers enjoying a drink after a long day at work. Unless, you stumble across the newly opened White Haus which brings the charm of The Alps to the heart of the capital. Do you struggle to find an unusual but perfectly…


    The Secret to Success as an Executive Assistant

    In an industry where the relevance and importance of job titles are largely misunderstood, it can be tough to stay motivated after you have dedicated years to reaching EA level, when you then meet someone fresh out of college who, with no substantial office experience, walks into the exact same position for a different company. Making it as an Assistant…


    February: Top 5 Private Dining Rooms in New York

    With Execs wanting to dine at the newest, nicest and quirkiest places in cities around the world, it can be hard to keep up with ‘what’s hot’ when you have a to do list that is already keeping you up at night. With restaurant and new venues popping up every week, here are our top 5 private dining spaces for…


    How to Transition Back to Work After Maternity Leave

    Whether you are a first time Mum or a seasoned pro at pregnancy, returning to work after having a baby is certainly a milestone. You’ve taken the time to hire a new Executive Assistant to hold the fort and have swapped diary management for nappy changing and board meeting prep for night feeds. You have spent the past 6-12 months…


    February: Top 5 Private Dining Rooms in London

    Organising staff events, board meetings, leaving do’s, client entertaining and anything which requires a private dining room will always fall within the capable hands of an Assistant. However, in an age where venues are fighting for your attention, when dietary requirements are becoming more environmentally friendly and your to do list is increasing at a rate of knots, trawling through…


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