• PA Diaries: Jeremy Burrows, EA to CEO at Jane.ai

    Introducing Jeremy Burrows, EA to CEO at Jane.ai, Founder of online training resource GoBurrows.com and creator of newly launched Leader Assistant podcast. With 13 years of experience as an Assistant under his belt, we chat about his experience with burn out, his advice to men when considering the role of an Assistant and likewise his comments to Execs on how…


    May: Top 5 Private Dining Rooms in London

    Covering Sloane Square, Marylebone, Pimlico, Covent Garden and Kensington, gone are the days where struggling to find a private dining room for your next board meeting  brought you out in a cold sweat. We’ve made things ten times easier for you with our top PDR picks in London for May 2019… No.11 Cadogan Gardens, sloane sq Address: 11 Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea,…


    Review: Rüya London, Mayfair

    Newly opened and located at 30 Upper Grosvenor Street in Mayfair, Rüya brings the soul of Turkey to one of the most prestigious areas of London. Designed with authentic decor imported from the souks and bazaars of Turkey, Rüya is a traditional yet innovative restaurant serving Anatolian cuisine with dishes designed for sharing and socialising. With a presence not only…


    PA Diaries: Chloe Isaacs, EA to CEO & CSO at Mudano

    In this PA Diaries interview we chat with Chloe Isaacs, EA to CEO & CSO at data and machine learning company Mudano. We find out how she balances the demands of two C-Suite Execs, her transition across industries and how she uses AI to make her job easier. –  The Assistant Room: Your role at Mudano is intense! Looking after…


    Building Credibility as an Assistant

    Credibility, the quality of being trusted and believed in. One of the most valuable and buildable assets that all Assistants must treat as pivotal to their professional success. While it is essential to embark on your own journey of continuous professional development, it is important to remember one thing; credibility cannot be learnt in a classroom or over night. Credibility…


    Review: Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration, Covent Garden

    Located within a two minute walk of Charing Cross station or five minutes from London’s most famous piazza in Covent Garden, you will find Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration. Strengthening the already established London portfolio paying homage to Jules Verne’s most legendary explorer’s adventures, Mr Fogg’s Society takes you on a thrilling journey inspired by Around The World in 80…


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