• Fashion, what can we expect in 2017?

    I love fashion! Fashion is an art form, it is a style of practice, and can be expressed through many different channels. Be it colour, style, print and graphics, texture and materials or even behaviour. Fashion comes in trends, and we all know trends repeat themselves. In 2016 we saw the return of the flare trouser, mom jean, and even…


    Christmas in Brussels

    Now we all know that December can be a manic, stressful time for all of us what with numerous Christmas events and not to mention Christmas shopping. This year instead of trapsing the usual insanely busy department stores for the same present’s you brought last year why don’t you make it a little fun and hop on the Eurostar to…


    Christmas in Copenhagen

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Winter is upon us! That feeling of wanting to wrap ourselves up in a cosy cocoon and hibernate for the next three months is rather appealing, trust me, I know. But what we should really be doing is embracing the amazing Christmas markets that come along courtesy of this time of year. Copenhagen,…


    Review: One Classy Holy Bird

    Get ready to be transported back to the glamour of the 60’s filled with art, music and Babycham. Yes, that’s right, Babycham is back! Only a short skip and jump away from London’s Liverpool Street, Holy Birds is a poultry restaurant and cocktail bar with a twist. I had the opportunity to check this city newbie out a few weeks ago and…


    We wish you a veggie Christmas!

    It’s no secret that us vegetarian’s get a bad reputation. The stereotypical hippy, who hugs trees, wears hemp and spends every waking hour telling meat eaters why they shouldn’t eat meat. Well, I can’t say that I haven’t fallen into that category at some stage (ahem, pink hair was cool, ok?) but these days my choices are more about environment…


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