London’s Seafood Salvation

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Located on Wigmore Street in Marylebone, Fancy Crab celebrates the world’s most sought after shellfish, the red king crab. With less that a handful of restaurants serving this delicacy in London, Fancy Crab sets itself apart with an exciting `and innovative menu that highlights the versatility of this delicious and succulent meat.
Renowned in the US already, the red king crab is still a rare treat for Londoners. Fancy Crab bring this freshly sourced ingredient to the Capital from the cold, open waters of the Northern part of the Arctic Ocean. Uniquely acting as both restaurant and supplier, Fancy Crab cuts out the middle man working with its harvesting company and on the biggest fishing fleets in the region, North West Fishing Consortium, to source red king crab directly from the sea.
According to Fancy Crab’s mantra, ‘free seafood tastes better’, the crabs are immediately boiled in
salt water on board the fishing boat and frozen to preserve freshness of flavour of the meat. Always
wild and never farmed, these magnificent creatures are caught just once a year in order to preserve
stocks, working closely with the Federal Agency for Fisheries to regulate the volume of each catch.
Displayed in pride of place at the back of the restaurant, the red king crab is expertly prepared and
served simply on ice or baked with butter and thyme, to allow the sublime flavours of this sweet,
succulent meat to shine through. Ordered whole or as portions of leg or shoulder meat, the crab make
a truly luxurious experience for a decadent lunch or dinner.
In addition, creative dishes make up the rest of the menu including starters such as Crispy king crab
claw as a delicious take on tempura with crunchy breadcrumbs surrounding delicate claw meat. The
Crab and egg salad provides a substantial salad perfect for lunch, while Crab guacamole, prepared at
the table, adds a bit of theatre to any lunch or dinner service.
Signature main courses include Singapore chilli crab; Fancy king crab burger with potato fries and
coleslaw and King crab fettuccine all prepared in different ways to show off this indulgent ingredient.
Meanwhile, dishes such as Chargrilled chicken with yoghurt dressing; Sea bream with home-made crab butter and Mussels tom yam with potato fries are also on offer with a range of sides.
The restaurant itself is designed by the renowned agency, DesignLSM, set in a bright, airy dining room
on Wigmore Street, with tongue-in-cheek art on the walls and bright frescoes to liven up the room.
The bar downstairs offers a cosy retreat away from the bustle of the city with booth seating, serving
an array of delicious cocktails.