• When it comes to trans-seasonal dressing, the English weather has an exceptional talent in putting a quick stop to any motivation you have for swapping your trusty winter boots for a brighter pair of pumps. Your winter coat remains the first thing you reach for instead of your newly purchased lightweight jacket and you end up contemplating dragging your winter clothes back to the front of your wardrobe.


    Observing the fashion trends in London and indeed anywhere in the world is an interesting and captivating subject within society that is individual to everyone and anyone. I myself could not say that I had fully worked out my own style until last year when I began working with Ella from the blog La Petite Anglaise, someone who has now become a truly amazing friend and who taught me the importance of dressing myself for myself. Through this friendship I now understand what the word ‘individual’ truly means and that fashion is a personal interpretation which no one can fault you for.

    Now when it comes to the worldwide community of bloggers, La Petite Anglaise is seen as an institution and Ella comes with the reputation of blogging royalty. The brands she works with are truly amazing and her life is a whirlwind of exciting projects and mind boggling brilliant collaborations albeit a sometimes gruelling and intense work schedule, she consistently pulls off a perfectly manicured style which is adored globally.

    I recently joined Ella at Fenwick on Bond Street for the launch of the SS16 Kate Spade New York collection and to toast her long term relationship with the brand as one which continues to grow and strengthen. The collection created so beautifully by the team at Kate Spade certainly was in keeping with all past seasons, perfectly encapsulating the brands values of bright colours, bold graphic prints and a playful take on what being a grown up actually means.

    For those of you who are yet to discover the Kate Spade brand check them out here. I must admit, it took an extraordinary amount of will power, especially after a prosecco or two, to resist blowing a fortune on the beautiful matching dress – coat combo’s, the shoe collection which was almost impossible to stop staring at and the stationary…well…don’t even get me started on the stationary.

    For those of you who are looking for a new Spring wardrobe, for something that you will go to bed excited to wake up to the next morning and for sartorial splendours that regardless of rain or shine you will wear with not only pride but confidence, Kate Spade is a perfect choice and with a seal of approval from Ella, you will be the best dressed as far as the eye can see.

    Lot’s of love,

    Jess x


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