• Spring is finally here! Well…sort of? Let’s disregard the rain and grottiness we all experienced over the Easter Bank Holiday and concentrate on something which is definitely more appropriate for March/April…SHOES! Changing season at this time of year is a pretty big deal as your go-to black boots should soon be going into hibernation (if not already) and replaced by Spring-inspired colours and textures. I’ve taken two of my favourite high street meccas – Dorothy Perkins and Aldo and have chosen my top affordable designs from each to jump start your Spring 2016 wardrobe and all in perfect time for payday!

    The Bargain BlahnikDP22116301_Large_F_1

    Remember those blue princess worthy Manolo Blahnik shoes worn by our favourite New York gal Carrie Bradshaw when she FINALLY tied the knot with Big? Yea…I couldn’t get them out of my head either! I have since had a major crush on all things that comes out of Blahniks Italian factory however with a hefty price tag of £680.00 for a pair of the satin jewelled buckle pumps, they are easily out of any affordable price range and will grace many of our wardrobes in our dreams only! You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered one of the most budget friendly high street stores, Dorothy Perkins, had decided to bring a range of three colours of the design out….hooray!! This range will see you through pretty much every season, every outfit option and every occasion. Perfect for day-to-night office wear, wedding shoes (bride/bridesmaid or guest) and every other scenario you can think of, I speak from experience after buying ALL of them when I say that these bad boys are SUPER comfy and unbelievably beautiful. Compliments will rain down on you once you’re spotted in these and with a price tag of £35.00, you can’t go wrong!

    The Softest Slip Ons


    Aldo are one of those places that you are guaranteed to leave with a fancy shoebox (or boxes) with items that can only be described as investment pieces for your feet. Yet am I to experience the comfort from any other high street brand in the same way that I get from Aldo when it comes to flat shoes. It is no secret that us ladies love wearing heels but at the end of a long day whether you’re running round the office, the house or when out with friends, nothing beats putting a pair of flats on after a long day of perfecting your posture through 4inch stilettos. My personal favourites and ones that I cannot stop wearing on weekends or at the office with a nice patterned trouser suit are the Beli flats as featured above. The fact that I prance around the office in crystal embellished slippers may seem a little bonkers to everyone else but when they go with EVERYTHING and have a similar feeling to walking on marshmallows, who wouldn’t wear them?!

    Lot’s of love,

    Jess x


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