• With the festive period being a busy one for all of us, full of rushing around to buy gifts (for others and not ourselves, darn it!), and going out to eat mince pies and drink mulled wine with friends in the city, you might just be forgetting to plan your Christmas “get together” outfits, your snazzy work party attire or even just your day to day festive fashion style throughout the holiday period. I would like to just point out that an outfit to me is never complete without some sparkly accessories, and that’s where Les Georgettes by Altesse come into my life, and now yours! The extensive number of bracelets, necklaces and rings that I am sure we all have laying about but don’t necessarily go with everything (or anything) or possibly break because it’s cheap tat, is getting slightly ridiculous and to the point where actually it should all go to the charity shop to make way for some stunning new pieces, that will last a lot longer. It is so much fun when envisioning an outfit, that you have some gorgeous jewellery to go along with it.

    I have always been a big jewellery wearer, and I love chopping and changing regularly to suit a different outfit, or maybe I just get a little bored sometimes and want something new on my wrist. But the reason I fell in love with Les Georgettes by Altesse, and what made this brand stand out to me was not only for the fact it’s drop dead stunning, but every piece of jewellery they create is customisable. Les Georgettes by Altesse specialises in customisable jewellery and with over 20,000 combinations, (YES!) every woman can design each aspect of her jewellery to match her own personal style, how cool is that though? And what a brilliant idea for a present this Christmas.

    Les Georgettes by Altesse offers you that chance to switch it up, change the colours of the rings, the bangles, or even the necklaces, an ideal solution to every party you will be going to this Christmas time! From the finest in jewellery and leather craftsmanship, Les Georgettes by Altesse collections are produced by traditional French designers to provide the highest-quality jewellery pieces. You start by choosing your design, then your finish (silver, gold etc), then you pick your leather colour or fluid perspex insert. (This took me a good few days to choose by the way, so you might want to start looking now). There is something really special about this customiseable feature to jewellery, it makes it unique, which for me is such a lovely touch to a gift to oneself (treating ourselves is an important part of life I will have you know), or a friend or relative.

    Just in case you like what I am wearing in my images, I chose and created my essential festive accessories using the following customisable features:

    Necklace design –  Ibiza, colourway – petrol blue & raspberry with a 25mm length chain

    Bracelet design – Girafe, colourway – multicolored glitter & teal leather insert

    Ring design – Fluid perspex, colourway – dayglo pink

    So let’s go back to my original statement about being too busy to plan your Christmas styles, you need look no further party people, because no matter what you’re wearing this month, whether it’s just a plain coloured roll neck, or a multicolour sequin bodycon, whatever it is, you can jazz any outfit up with Les Georgettes By Altesse. You can essentially have 2 bracelets out of one, with the interchanging colour straps, this is just pretty ideal for any woman right! And it’s really up to you, and whatever your heart desires to create something fun, or elegant or both!

    I hope you enjoy making your new jewllery designs as much as I have telling you about this amazing brand!

    Have a lovely Christmas!


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