• Getting my hands on a reliable red lipstick has been a shopping dilemma of mine for as long as I can remember; well… just a reliable lipstick regardless of colour to be honest. Frankly, my checklist to achieve the perfect pout would have any brand quaking in their boots and so the solution to the problem of having an empty lipstick wardrobe has not been an easy one to conquer.

    I recently endeavoured to go from zero to hero in this department and had an unexpectedly passionate conversation of lipstick do’s and don’ts with some of my fellow PA’s over a glass of wine. It turns out that finding a lipstick for everyday office wear with the knowledge that your ambassadorial duties for your boss when greeting visitors won’t be tarnished by coloured in teeth or lips which look as dried up as the sahara desert is much harder than I first thought.

    Cue Gucci. (Round of applause)

    Now it might only be me but I’m pretty sure that the formula Gucci have created in the lipstick area of their laboratory of beauty magic is worthy of nothing less than the Oscars of makeup awards. Seriously, you have to try these.

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    So how long do they last once applied?

    As someone who works at break neck speed juggling a million priorities, I am not one to even have time to think of re applying colour yet looking professional and well groomed is still a priority. Gucci 1 – Jess 0. The beautifully luxurious pigment you’re treated to as soon as you pucker up is undeniably amazing across the entire of the range whether you choose from the nudes, reds or the darker grungey shades. The lasting effect of the product is similarly impressive and my first coat of the bold Iconic Red shade lasted one very hot train journey, an espresso, two slices of toast and four glasses of water before I had to apply the second coat just before a lunch time meeting.

    And what does the product feel like?

    Gucci seriously has their formula down! Gucci 2 – Jess 0. My previous lipstick struggles have ended in chapped, dry lips and have required my exfoliation efforts to be trippled before applying a years worth of Carmex in one evening. Not only do these lipsticks last an extraordinarily long time in comparison to what I have previously experienced but they also have a moisturising quality to them which is second to none. The application is as smooth as my favourite lip balm and the feel of the product is luxuriously silky. Not a dry lip in sight and a professional, even finish throughout the entire time.

    What to expect cost wise…

    Now you have to remember the name of the brand who has created this marvellous product. We’re not talking about something you’re going to find in the 99p shop, Gucci is the definition of glamour and luxury gracing the shelves of Harrods, Selfridges and has it’s UK flagship on Sloane Street SW1. These products will add a sophisticated edge to your makeup collection and whether you buy just one, or four (guilty as charged) you may initially hesitate at the £28.00 price tag but be assured, this product will become a staple of yours in no time.

    Treat yourself guys, my four favourite shades are above and will be the only four you ever need again!

    Lot’s of love,



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