• With the clocks going back at the end of this month, Halloween is coming and the dark nights are drawing in fast, and so as we say goodbye to Summer, we say hello to Winter. Living in the UK, the summer days can be rare to come by, some might say we are always prepared for a chill in the air here. This year I think we have had some lovely summer days, but maybe that’s because I spent most of my time from April to September travelling to warmer climates at any given opportunity I had. (Sorry, not sorry)!

    Let’s get into the Autumn/Winter wardrobe though, we are heading into such
    a fun season to dress up in.

    Winter doesn’t just mean the festive season is upon us, or that you can only wear black as if you’re in mourning over the loss of summer. It’s a chance to show off the latest Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion statements and trends, and yes that means with colour. You’ll all be pleased to know that many AW trends are doing the rounds with their third or fourth season features, for example, the chunky knit that everyone loves and lives in every year, and the midi skirt, that’s right people, use that one from the summer months and combine it with tights or bare legs (depending how brave you are), chuck the simple combo together and voila, the perfect Autumn look. It’s really that easy.

    One of my favourite styles at the moment, is recycling that good old faithful summer strappy dress and teaming it with a t-shirt underneath (probably a slogan tee), and creating the layering look, but not forgetting to top it off with a gorgeous faux fur coat! Layers are always a good idea here in London, because one minute you’re hot jumping on a tube, the next you’re freezing walking out of the tube. It’s a known nightmare for all London commuters, and maybe that’s why the check blazer is a favourite choice of style right now for the in-between Autumn to Winter weather.

    You don’t need to me to tell you that the time is now, to get those fun and fluffy, faux fur coats out and on show! Although the Aviator jacket and knee high boots are taking the social media world by storm. Speaking of boots, white boots and biker boots, are all in this season, which suits me fine, for someone who is always in trainers, a flat biker boot is great for that “smart-er” feel to an outfit and style.

    Being the colour lover I am, I wanted to share the Autumn 2017 colour palette report from Pantone. This year we can see a very natural Autumnal colour direction (with minimal black, yay). After all the major fashion week shows are over, Pantone reflect on the colours that dominated the runways creating a specific colour chart, for London, New York, Milan etc.

    There is one colour dominating the high street now, and that’s red, or as Pantone are calling it, Flame Scarlet! Worn boldly in almost every piece of many catwalk looks from the latest Fashion Weeks, this is one colourful idea that actually feels approachable for us humans not walking down the runway, and just walking down the street to the shop or to work. You might be thinking, “No, I could never wear red with my skin tone”, but that’s where you’re wrong, you can, it is the one colour that is suitable for all skin tones. And that’s a legit fact! Whether it’s a bold knit, or a mix of colours in a winter floral dress, it’s out there and it’s ready for you to get your hands on. While it seems that we are being led by Flame Scarlet, the unusual combinations of Royal Lilac and Otter Brown or even Lemon Curry with Bluebell are drawing us in and creating an unusual colour clash, a clash that’s working and functioning in majority of style inspirations I have seen. (See, I told you
    colour is everything).

    For the mad hatters amongst us, it’s baker boys and berets! Personally I am not a big hat person, but this year I bent to the pressure and invested in a baker boy hat, and I must admit, I do kind of love it.

    So if you haven’t tried it out, you should.. you might be pleasantly surprised.
    Another favourite key piece (yes I have another) in my wardrobe right now is velvet and crushed velvet, it’s soft, comfy and sassy, what more does a girl need! Velvets are coming in all shapes and colours right now, either as body suits or tops and even jumpsuits, and they really are so much fun.

    We all know that trends come back around, over and over again, so keep an eye out for the 70’s come back, it’s slowly creeping in to a lot of style around right now.

    You might say that really this season has a lot going for it in terms of what to wear and how to wear it, so be brave with fashion, push the boundaries and try out something new, add some colour to the dull days, to lift your mood and feel good in what you wear. Own it, rock your style, whatever your style may be, with confidence and pride!

    Shop the must haves now with me!

    Alex x


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