7 Deadly Sins of the Summer Office Party

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The sun has finally made an appearance and it’s time for the annual Summer party which you have most likely organised after months of planning and budget management with the finance team. Everyone from your boss to the 19 year old intern is scratching the walls to leave early but will it be one to remember or to quickly forget?

Here are our 7 deadly sins to the work Summer party…


Finally! It’s one of the only times you get to ditch your to-do list guilt free, and head to the party venue with your office besties on each arm.

Steady as you go though, polishing a bottle of wine off within the first hour might sound like a great idea but you know who never seems to remember the last course at bottomless brunch? You, ‘Karen’.

Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint!


Rookie move #1.

Hot weather = dehydration and this means only one thing. The potency of the cocktails you’ve been sipping on go from a 3.4 to a 6.8/10 but that excuse doesn’t hold much weight when you’re trying to explain what caused you to throw up over your bosses £900 pair of loafers…

Keep your H20 topped up, your dignity intact and soften the hangover blow that’s due to hit you the next morning.


The spread is something Mary Berry would be proud of but you can’t stop thinking about the annual leave you have coming up, how you’ve planned your holiday wardrobe to perfection and all those extra hours you’ve spent at the gym rather than the pub.

The question is, have you ever started a night out on an empty stomach? When it comes to the Summer party, eating is most definitely NOT cheating and unless you want to be drunk AND hangry, make a serious play for the buffet before ‘Kevin’ in accounts decides to go in hard and devour the lot.


You’re looking around the room and all you can think of is how Tracey by the window hasn’t responded to your fifth chaser email, that Pete who arrived 10 minutes earlier than everyone else has missed another board report deadline and Tim who’s chatting up the Receptionist was late again to a meeting with your boss. You are at your wits end but realise that you have never confronted these people outside of a few passive aggressive emails…well, this is your chance, today is the day!

Or maybe you should skip this one…

Confronting your colleagues on the things that drive you nuts will undoubtedly end up going horribly wrong. For the moment, internalise your inner Tyra and avoid a confrontation in front of the office and your boss (who only yesterday was discussing with HR your pay rise). You’ll thank yourself later.


He or she reminds you of greener pastures, of the good ole days, of a younger and more versatile you. They don’t believe your war stories and the unstoppable force you were on the dancefloor when your jam came on at the Christmas party in 2010.

There is only one way to settle this – dance off!

You might be proud of yourself in the moment but subdue your John Travolta otherwise the following day, you might not be so proud of yourself when Facebook starts to light up with video footage of your moves, and your colleagues main memory is of you standing on the bar doing the robot.

Save your best moves for the family bbq at the weekend or challenge Auntie Ann to the next dance off with the running man your signature move.


As an Assistant, you have the inside scoop on what’s going on, when and with who. Throw a few cocktails into the mix, your confidence sky rockets and you become overwhelmed with responsibility to fix everything that you think is wrong with the business.

Not only can you save the company money but when is there a better time to get face time with the Managing Director or CEO?! Win – Win.

This is not the time for a Dragons Den style pitch, nothing sends senior executives home faster than business related suggestions at a work social event. Sure they will humour you for a time but you can bet internally they are looking for the closest exit.

Do yourself a favour and save it for the boardroom.


Getting blind drunk at a work event is a never a good idea and you definitely do not need to get through a bottle of champagne in order to feel that people to ‘like’ you.

The Summer party is a great way to let your personality shine and for you to connect and have a genuine human connection to the people you work with.

Have fun, behave, and enjoy other peoples stories of embarrassment come Monday!